Coyle and Sharpe: The Imposters
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Coyle & Sharpe simply want to know how much your children are worth to you.

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Coyle & Sharpe ponder the implications of the newest breakthrough in cranial expansion.

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Coyle and Sharpe ask if anyone is willing to shelter Harry Kodiak and his family.  By the way, Harry is a kodiak.

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Coyle & Sharpe believe that it never hurts to have too much wheat, even if it grows on your head.

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Coyle & Sharpe want you to exchange innards with another person.  Relax, it's only for fun.  

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Coyle & Sharpe investigate the dastardly case of the tree killer.


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Coyle & Sharpe witness the predator become prey. 

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Coyle & Sharpe make the world a sweeter place, one human sugar bowl at a time.

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Coyle & Sharpe investigate the receptiveness of the public towards a possibly beneficial, probably harmful energy supplement.

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Coyle & Sharpe want you to do your civic duty.  So get into that rag, already.

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Coyle & Sharpe want to meet you.  Just remember to bring a trashbag filled with leftovers.

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Coyle & Sharpe ask the tough questions.  Like what would you do if you found yourself mixed up with a travel scam/human trafficking operation?

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Coyle & Sharpe propose a unique way to revitalize the waterfront.

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Coyle & Sharpe inquire about feathers.  Naturally.
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Ep. 86: Rock Eating

Coyle & Sharpe address reports of rock eating.

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Ep. 85: A Grammatical Life

Coyle & Sharpe are offering a grammatical life.

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Ep. 84: Meet the Celebrity - Lorenzo Shower

Coyle & Sharpe would like you to meet the namesake of modern bathing, Lorenzo Shower.

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Ep. 83: Tooth Decay Dramatization

Coyle & Sharpe try to figure out the logistics of a dramatic performance of tooth decay.

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Ep. 82: Elevator Repairman

Coyle & Sharpe try to solicit the assistance of an elevator repairman.

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Ep. 81: Edges Coyle & Sharpe discuss just how important are "edges."
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Ep. 80: The Brother Ants Coyle & Sharpe roll out The Welcome Mat for a newcomer to their city.
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Ep. 79: Parlez-vous Bugrabian? Coyle & Sharpe try to overcome a language barrier.
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