Coyle and Sharpe: The Imposters
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ep. 78: The Bugrabian Refugee Coyle & Sharpe are helping a disaster victim from the island of Bugrabia find a home in America.
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Ep. 77: Manhole Living Coyle & Sharpe are just looking for a place to live and keep their things.
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Ep. 76: The Elevator Experiment Coyle and Sharpe perform a curious experiment on an unwilling subject.
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Ep. 75: Excess Management Coyle and Sharpe pose this question to a young man: Do you really need it?
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Ep. 74: Mr. Library Coyle and Sharpe try to enlist a gentleman's help for "borrowing" some library books.
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Ep. 73: Antimaterialists Coyle & Sharpe just want to help a young man with the things he doesn't need.
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Ep. 72: The ZebEEL Coyle and Sharpe introduce a unique yet vicious new... pet?
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Ep. 71: Mutant Creature Warfare Coyle and Sharpe describe a secret weapon.
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Ep. 70: Total Dedication Coyle and Sharpe have an idea for an interesting art project.
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Ep. 69: Human Hinges Coyle and Sharpe describe a new kind of door.
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Ep. 68: Stride Regulation Coyle and Sharpe want to punish a man for his stride.
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Ep. 67: The Pigeon Problem Coyle and Sharpe propose a solution to the pigeon problem.
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Ep. 66: Other Than Standard Methods Coyle and Sharpe have a way for the Giants to achieve victory.
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Ep. 65: Irrational Chanting Coyle and Sharpe chant while a man reads.
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Ep. 64: Motorcycle Confiscation Coyle and Sharpe attempt to confiscate a motorcycle.
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Ep. 63: Litter Coyle and Sharpe propose a novel way of getting litter off the streets.
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Ep. 62: Softball Game Coyle and Sharpe try to make a man feel bad for watching softball.
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Ep. 61: Book Burning Coyle and Sharpe try to convince a student to let them burn his books.
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Ep. 60: Home Observation Coyle and Sharpe use their Sounds of San Francisco series to ask a man about a home observation project they would like to conduct with him.
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Ep. 59: Human Camera Coyle and Sharpe try to convince a man to insert a lens and film into his head in order to capture the world as a human camera.
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Ep. 58: Feature Way Coyle and Sharpe use their series Sounds of San Francisco to segue into asking a man to donate one of his facial features to a Feature Way, a bank of human facial features, to show his love for San Francisco.
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Ep. 57: Insult for Improvement Coyle and Sharpe convince a man to insult a stranger on the street in the name of civic improvement.
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Ep. 56: Polylingua Coyle and Sharpe try to convince a man to have his brain wiped clean in order to teach him a new language called Polylingua.
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Ep. 55: Lost Boys Coyle and Sharpe add a duo of young boys to their ruse and try to convince a woman that the boys, with their instruction, have destroyed multiple homes.
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Ep. 54: Sound of Shade In another edition of their Sounds of San Francisco recurring segment, Coyle and Sharpe ask a man to identify the sound the shade.
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Ep. 53: Interprotoplasm Flow Coyle and Sharpe attempt to convince a man to exchange his innards with complete strangers.
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Coyle & Sharpe attempt to initiate an English gentlemen into their death cult.
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Coyle and Sharpe try to convince a man to undergo experimental surgery that would remove his tongue and exchange it with a foreign person’s in order to get rid of their accent.
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