Coyle and Sharpe: The Imposters
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This week Coyle and Sharpe ask a gentleman if he would be willing to go to France under adverse conditions.
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On this week's podcast Coyle and Sharpe question the humanity of using animals as musical instruments.
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This week we hear a lovely rendition of part of the operetta 'Feast of Patience'.
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Coyle and Sharpe explore dringitis.
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The intrepid duo get a stranger's opinion on the "fish people" of California.
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Coyle and Sharpe attempt to get a man to let them add flame to the paper bag he is carrying.
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Tires are food, too.
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If possible, would you turn your head into a sugar bowl?
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The story of Coyle & Sharpe's put-on of jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie. 
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Coyle & Sharpe try to convince a truck driver to run them over.
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Coyle & Sharpe get really silly with an unsuspecting gentleman.
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Coyle and Sharpe render a man mute with the utterance of a single word: Grevenz.
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Coyle & Sharpe discuss the prospects of a 7 ft., 300 lb, antennaed leech man in San Francisco.
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This week, Coyle & Sharpe talk seriously with a man about apples that grow human feet, and how he might herd them across the country.
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Coyle and Sharpe try to convince a mailman to let them deliver some mail, and promise not to do any "rifling".
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Coyle & Sharpe introduce "San Francisco's newest, freshest talent: James P. Coyle, Professional Droner". 
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Coyle and Sharpe ask a gentleman if they can record the inside of his stomach.
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Coyle and Sharpe affect piss-poor French accents and ask an antiques dealer if they can smash his goods.
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A gentleman discusses the merits and difficulties of a mechanically elongated head.
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Coyle and Sharpe approach a football coach about training wolverines to play football.
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Coyle and Sharpe are looking for an attendant for their agricultural facility.  He should be comfortable with control procedures and be willing to apply electrical shock if neccessary.
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Coyle and Sharpe discuss with an Australian gentleman the possibility of growing an ashtray from his head.
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Coyle & Sharpe prepare for home surgery.
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Would you cross THE PLANK?
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This week Coyle & Sharpe attempt to sell (or lease) two children to a young mother.
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Ep. 1: Maniacs in a Living Hell Coyle and Sharpe offer a San Franciscan a job in a recreation of the fires of hell.
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